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To get started with molecular design
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Key Features
AI Assistant ✨

Ask SAMSON AI for help with molecular design and get personalized answers.

Get direct access to the exact commands and documentation pages you need, streamlining your workflow like never before.

Physically-Based Modeling

Create complex models using hundreds of fragments and assets.

Use interactive energy minimization and advanced structural editing to modify and control protein loop conformations, deform nanotubes, arrange polymers, and more.

Interactive simulation

Use interactive simulation with custom force fields and integrators for advanced modeling.

Cloud computing

When you need power, use Computing Credits to perform calculations in the cloud through select extensions for structure prediction, molecular dynamics simulation, etc.

Create jobs from SAMSON. Execute them in the cloud. Get results back into SAMSON.

Refer friends and colleagues to the SAMSON Cloud Services to earn free Computing Credits.

Publication-quality visualization

Apply visual models and presets to create advanced visualizations in a few clicks.

Produce publication-quality images with advanced rendering options, including ambient occlusion, bloom, depth of field, silhouettes...

Unleash your creativity in one click with Cycles, the artist-grade path tracer integrated in SAMSON.

Template-based animation

Create gorgeous animations with the most advanced animator in a molecular design platform.

Use templates to quickly animate structures and cameras.

Apply and animate custom backgrounds and slides in your animations to create advanced presentations and courses.

Simply explain molecular mechanisms thanks to structure-aware animations for molecular docking and assembly.

Export mp4, webm and gif movies of your animations in HD resolution.

Universal file embedding

Embed any number of files - whatever their types - and folders in your SAMSON documents.

Include PDFs, research notes, molecular libraries - even other SAMSON documents - and all files that are relevant to your work to make it easy to share your research with the world.

Integrated Python development

Use the integrated Python interpreter, editor and console to rapidly develop scripts and apps for molecular design.

Embed your apps in SAMSON documents in a few clicks to create executable documents.

Share your apps with the world on SAMSON Connect.

SAMSON Extension development

Use the free SAMSON C++ SDK to create new apps, editors, force fields, services, etc. with maximal performance and control, and distribute them on SAMSON Connect.

Community support

Head to the SAMSON forum to get help from other users and developers.

GPT 3.5-Based AI ✨

In the Starter plan, SAMSON AI relies on GPT 3.5 to answer questions.

1-minute movie length

The Starter plan lets you create animations with a maximum duration of 1 minute.

25-command history

The Starter plan lets you undo the 25 most recent commands.

1 free extension

The Starter plan includes one free extension of your choice from the marketplace.

1 GB for public and private documents

Enjoy 1 GB of secure storage for your public and private documents. Keep your important files accessible and organized, whether for personal use or shared collaboration.

Unlimited public and private groups

Create and manage as many public and private groups as you need to work with others and share documents, results, apps, and more.

Facilitate collaboration, discussion, and project management with unlimited group creation, ensuring your team stays organized and connected.

For full design control and no constraints
$10.80 / mo
$108.94 / mo
Billed yearly (save two months)
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Everything in Starter, plus
AI Literature Assistant ✨

Make SAMSON AI read web pages and online PDFs, and ask it questions about them.

The information learned by SAMSON AI is associated to your private account - and only yours - and persists between your SAMSON sessions. When you want to erase the learned information, just ask SAMSON AI to forget it.

AI Scripting Assistant ✨

Ask SAMSON AI for help when writing Python scripts and creating Apps.

AI Molecular Modeling Agent ✨

Use AI commands to make SAMSON work for you.

Perform selections and actions using prompts.

AI Voice Control ✨

Control SAMSON AI with your voice instead of typing.

Advanced animation features

Apply your own watermarks to animations and presentations.

Export individual, uncompressed animations and presentations frames for post-processing in external software.

Merge multiple animations and presentations sequences to create advanced movies.

Create movies and presentations in 4K resolution and over.

Export 3D objects

Export structures and visual models to OBJ and glTF files to render them in external software.

Dark mode

Switch SAMSON to a darker color theme.

Developer support

Get personalized support for developing and distributing your own SAMSON apps and extensions.

Email and chat support

The Professional plan includes email and chat support. Get an initial response within 2 working days.

Chat with the support team through your preferred channel.

GPT 4-Based AI ✨

In the Professional plan, SAMSON AI relies on GPT 4 to answer questions and perform actions.

Unlimited movie length

The Professional plan lets you create movies of any length.

Unlimited history length

The Professional plan lets you undo all commands in your editing history.

Unlimited free extensions

The Professional plan lets you add any number of free extensions from the marketplace.

100 GB for public and private documents

Enjoy 100 GB of secure storage for your public and private documents. Keep your important files accessible and organized, whether for personal use or shared collaboration.

Advanced Permissions Management

Take full control of your data with Advanced Permissions Management. Set roles and expiration dates for both group memberships and access rights. Ensure your data remains secure and accessible only to authorized users and groups.

For customized solutions and support
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Everything in Professional, plus
AI Fine-Tuning ✨

Have fine-tuned models developed for AI assistants and agents.

Onboarding sessions

Enterprise plans include live onboarding sessions to quickly get you up to speed with SAMSON.

On-premise deployment

Have SAMSON and SAMSON services deployed on your premises.

On-premise resources integration

Have your computational resources integrated into your SAMSON installation to speed up your workflow.

Custom solution development

Have custom solutions and extensions developed for your SAMSON installation, from scratch or through integration of your IP.

Consulting services

Obtain expert advice and help on modeling and simulating with SAMSON.

Training services

Quickly bring your teams up to speed with targeted training.

Feature prioritization

Directly influence the development of the SAMSON platform.

Phone and visio support

Enterprise plans include phone and visio support and a 24h response time.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use SAMSON for free?

Yes, SAMSON is free to use for everyone. You can choose to upgrade to access premium features.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, absolutely. Sign in, go to My Account, then click the Manage plan button.

Any period (month or year) is paid at the beginning of the period, and your plan will be active until the end of the period.

For example, if your monthly Professional Plan starts on November 1st and you cancel on November 10, your plan will be active until November 30. On December 1st, you will automatically go back to the free Starter Plan, and you will not be charged anymore (your only payment will have been on November 1st).

Can I switch plans after I start a plan?

Yes. Sign in and go to My Account, click the Manage plan button, then select the plan and the period you would like to switch to.

In case you switch to the free Starter plan (which amounts to cancelling your plan), your subscription will be stopped but your current plan will remain active until the end of your billing period (when cancelling, any started period is due).

If you would like to switch to an Enterprise plan, please contact us at or schedule a call.

Can I subscribe for a group of people?

Yes. We offer special rates for groups, laboratories, classrooms, departments, sites, computing centers, etc.

In case of large groups, we also offer convenient subscription management methods for administrators.

Please send us an email at or schedule a short call to learn more.

Can I subscribe to a plan and paid extensions at the same time?

Yes. When you want to subscribe to a plan and multiple extensions at the same time, we may offer reduced rates. Please contact us or schedule a call for more information.

Which plan should I use for teaching?

The free Starter plan may be sufficient to teach about atoms, molecules, proteins, etc.

To teach more advanced topics (e.g. protein-ligand docking, molecular dynamics simulations, etc.), you should subscribe to the Professional plan. If you want your class to use SAMSON as well, please send us an email at or schedule a short call for special rates.

Can I get some training for SAMSON as well?

Absolutely. We offer training for using SAMSON as well as for developing extensions for SAMSON.

Please contact us or schedule a meeting to tell us about your needs.

Can you develop extensions for me?

Yes, we definitely can. We provide custom development services and can create extensions - sometimes within days - tailored to your exact specific needs in a very cost-effective way.

Upon your request, these custom extensions can remain private and exclusive to you in order to preserve confidentiality and retain competitive advantage.

Please contact us or schedule a meeting for a confidential discussion about your needs.

Do I have to subscribe to extensions too?

No. All extensions are optional. Many extensions are free, though, so feel free to add them.

Moreover, paid extensions can still be tried for 14 days without a credit card.

Do I have to purchase computing credits as well?

No. Computing credits are only needed for some extensions which perform calculations in the cloud. If you do not use such extensions, you do not need computing credits since all calculations will be performed locally, on your computer.

I am developing extensions. Do I need a paid plan?

No. You can develop extensions with the free Starter plan.

In case your extension needs features that are not available in the free Starter plan, however, you will need to subscribe to a plan that includes the feature you need.

I would like to get feature X. What should I do?

There are multiple options. You can ask us to do it, by emailing us or by scheduling a meeting with us. You can develop it yourself using the free SAMSON Software Development Kit, and you can ask other developers to create new extensions and upload them on here.

I have another question. How can I contact you?

Please send us an email at or schedule a call.