Virtual Reality Portal

Updated: July 03, 2024

Latest version

1.0.0 for SAMSON 2022 R2


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Virtual Reality Portal

Updated: July 03, 2024

Latest version

1.0.0 for SAMSON 2022 R2

Visualize, build and simulate in virtual reality.

This module enables VR support in SAMSON.

Perform interactive simulations, visualize large scale models containing hundreds of thousands of atoms, design new molecules, build nanotube junctions, etc., all in virtual reality.


To change the view, press both triggers (typically under the index finger) at the same time, hold, and move your hands. Spread your hands to zoom in. Bring them closer to zoom out. Zooming in and out effectively changes your size relatively to the molecules.

Interaction modes

Three interaction modes are available:

  • Move: in this mode, use the touchpad to select and move atoms. You can use the selection filters to control what is selected and moved (e.g. entire structural models instead of atoms).
  • Add: in this mode, use the touchpad to add atoms. This is particularly useful when running an interactive simulation. Use the thumbstick (up and down) to change the atom type.
  • Erase: in this mode, hold the touchpad to remove atoms.

The default mode is "Move". Change modes using the Grasp button (typically under the middle finger).

Each hand has its own interaction mode.

Toggling help

For each hand, press the Menu button to toggle labels indicating the functions of the buttons.


Going inside the pariacoto virus (500 000 atoms):

Interactive molecular dynamics simulation:

Capping a carbon nanotube:

Welding two carbon nanotubes:

Editing a graphene sheet:


To use this extension, you need Windows 10 and a Windows Mixed Reality headset. The latest Windows updates should be installed.

Virtual Reality Portal is an extension for SAMSON,
the integrative platform for molecular design.

To use Virtual Reality Portal:

1. Create your free account and choose a molecular design plan
2. Download and install SAMSON on your computer
3. Come back to this page to add the extension to your account

When you restart SAMSON, the extension will be automatically installed
and will be usable directly from within SAMSON.