Updated: July 08, 2024

Included with all plans


Updated: July 08, 2024

Your next-generation modeling assistant.

SAMSON AI is your go-to source for all things related to SAMSON and its various extensions. Whether you have a question about the user guide, scripting guide, developer guide, or anything in between, SAMSON AI has you covered. Even better, its responses come packed with clickable commands that you can execute right from the chat window.

Imagine asking how to apply a van der Waals model: SAMSON AI not only tells you how but provides you with a clickable command to get it done instantly. Moreover, you’ll find links to relevant documentation pages embedded within the AI’s responses, so you can dive deeper whenever you want.

With a Professional Plan, SAMSON AI is also a literature assistant, a scripting assistant, and a molecular modeling agent. The Professional Plan also allows you to prompt it with your voice. Learn more in the user guide and the release notes.

Activate SAMSON AI from the Home menu or the Interface menu, the context toolbar, or by pressing Ctrl / Cmd + 0 (zero).

SAMSON AI ✨ is an extension for SAMSON,
the integrative platform for molecular design.

To use SAMSON AI ✨:

1. Create your free account and choose a molecular design plan
2. Download and install SAMSON on your computer

When you restart SAMSON, the extension will be automatically installed
and will be usable directly from within SAMSON.